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An Alliance guild on Kazzak EU.
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 Stabbelina - Rogue

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PostSubject: Stabbelina - Rogue   Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:36 pm

Greetings. I spoke to someone of you ingame, and I know you are full on Rogues, but as i'd really like to join i'll still make an application and hope for the best Smile

Soooo, I'll start with some general stuff about my rogue:

Ingame name: Stabbelina
Class: Rogue
Race: Dwarf
Spec: Currently i've specced Shadowstep, but this is only for pvp goodness as I currently dont have a raiding guild. For raiding I will specc 20/41/0 (with swords ofc) Reason for this is because with this specc I can utilize the full potential of the Rogue class' dps. Its not very "burst" dependant and it gives a nice and steady dps.
Played: 23 days, reason for it being so low is that I leveled this way after TBC came out. PreTBC and at the start of TBC I raided in Coalescence with my Mage. Got around 140 days played on the mage.
Experience: Well, since I raided with Coalescence I have exp from every preTBC bosses. Got exp from Kara/gruul/ZA/some SSC. (stopped raiding at the start of TBC becaues of school.) Got time to play again now so i'd like to start raiding again.
Proffesions: Engineering and Mining. Got engineering mostly for the head. I'll most likely change to Enchanting and/or BS later when I get a better Headpiece.
Got many pieces that needs improvement, mostly rings, belt and shoes. Will mostlike get the Badge shoes very soon and I might go for Vindicator ring/shoes as they are better than my current pieces for those slots.

So, now a little bit about me:

Name: David
Age: 18
Nationality: German/Norwegian

So, I stepped down as a raiding member in Coalescence when TBC started closing in. I raided all pre tbc content with Coalescence, also raided Naxx with Guardians. The reason for stopping raiding was because of school. Had some serious problems with my grades because of hardcore raiding ~every day. Got my grades sorted now and the most painful school days are now over so I got time to raid again.

Me as a raider: You might think that since I just leveled my Rogue I lack experience and knowledge about the rogue class, but thats not true (atleast not 100%) since i've played rogue abit pretbc, and 'ive always been fond of the rogue class. In addition I read alot about class mechanics, so i'd say I know a fair share about the rogue class, atleast enough to be a good addition to a raid.

my view on item prios: For a raid to be successful, you need geared healers and tanks. So I agree on this point, to a degree atleast. A good raid won't work with only good geared healers and tanks. The dps needs to be fairly decent geared aswell. But I agree that TAnks and healers should get an item, if its for the for the guild.

Why Blackened: My hopes is to join Blackened and to play in a progressing guild. If I wanted, I could raid SSC and TK with Coalescence alt runs, but to be fair, i'm into challenges and the idea to beat a boss for the first time instead of steamrolling every bosses in an instance. Ofcourse, I hope for Blackened to steamroll bosses, but 'id like to join the excitement in taking a boss for the first time after many wipes. I also know some people in the guild from before.

So that's my application, hopefully not a letdown to anyone who might read this and I hope its up to your standards. If there is something i've forgotten, please notify me so that I can add it.
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PostSubject: Re: Stabbelina - Rogue   Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:27 am

This rogue is pro, he got a mage named Smult that was pretty known on Daggerspine etc.. (Which was the server 90% of the kazzak people migrated from).. BUT the guild just collapsed... 2 officers has left, so the GM gave up.. So GL on another guild ! Sad((
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PostSubject: Re: Stabbelina - Rogue   Thu Mar 20, 2008 2:49 pm

i vote for this guy =P
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PostSubject: Re: Stabbelina - Rogue   

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Stabbelina - Rogue
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