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 Holy paladin application (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Holy paladin application (Accepted)   Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:57 pm

Real Life Information
Name: Emil Tiainen
Age: 18
Sex (Male or Female): Male
Location: Sweden
Playtimes: I can pretty much play whenever needed, since at the moment Im a so called "slacker" which will hopefully change in the near future when I get my hands on a decent job. But until then Im free at any time.

Character Information
Nickname: Rut
Class & Race: Draenei Paladin
Spec: 45/11/5 (Holy with Blessing of Kings and imp. Blessing of Might)
Armory: - My gear isnt the best and some items are not socketed enchant according to armory yet. Working on my gear constantly tho. Smile
Previous Guilds: None.
Reason for Leaving: /-/

So, Im emil, or floom. Whatever you feel like calling me.
So recently I've been looking out on the forums for guilds that is about to start raiding or already raiding.
Since I want to find a serious guilds with members to play and have fun with, and hopefully get some progress done. My gear may not be ready for Kara yet, but give me a day or two and it will. ;>
Im on the last part of the kara attunement and will probably get it done later today aswell.

I know how and where to gear up aswell, so I dont see that as a problem.

As we come to raiding and experience I've done ZG/MC/BWl as a hunter pre-BC aswell I got raiding experience from kara and gruul's lair. But I've never put my foot into SSC/TK due to the reason that my guild pretty much split up after some gruul kills, and I "retired" from WOW for a time, then later come back to create a new char here on Kazzak.

While talking about raids I can ensure you that I am totally serious and will always bring the consumeables I need, and will always enchant new gear a.s.a.p, so no slacking in this area. During raids Im usually a quite quiet(this can varie alot tho, sometimes I can be pretty talk-active, nothing that will ever disturb raid-instructions etc.) person on Ventrilo/Teamspeak unless there are things I just have to announce that might be that Im .. just for example, got the axes from Prince @ phase #3 on me. Well, you got the point hopefully.
And I know my attitude can be one of the worst there is from time to time, Im sorry about that. Tho that dont go over guildmembers or friends, nor does it happen often.

P.S: I do have a microphone and I do know how to use voice-communication programs, and I hope my english is good enough. :>
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PostSubject: Hmm   Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:00 pm

For some reason the armory link wont appear, maybe it's some kind of protection you got on forum, I hope you can find it anyways.
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PostSubject: RE: Pala App.   Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:44 am

Hey there Floom, first I would like to thank you for your application!

All seems fine to me, going to discuss your application with the other GL's.

You'll hear from me soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Holy paladin application (Accepted)   

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Holy paladin application (Accepted)
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